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I'm getting really tired of hearing that this movie is not for children. It certainly isn't only for children, but it's absolutely child-appropriate.

This movie has layers, complexity, and symbolism. Yes, it does manage to reach out to the adults in the audience, and bring them to a place of introspection... the inner child certainly is reflected onscreen. & There are some concepts that will go way over a child's head, but not anything inappropriate for a child to see.
Further, even though those are present, a child can still relate to the characters, playfulness and emotions represented. It's not at all unlike what a child's imagination might conjure.

The main character, a boy named Max, does have some strong emotions and is exploring how to express those emotions. Is this what has everyone's panties in a bunch? Did I miss the memo where parenting forbids emotional discourse?

Every child has experienced the basic emotions represented in this movie- anger, sadness, joy. I mean, a full range of emotion is kind of ideal for a little human. Just because they're not all happy emotions, doesn't make it child-inappropriate. In fact, I think it makes it more appropriate. Dim-witted comedy/action does not have to be the only genre for children. Give your child some credit, and go see this movie with them.
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