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Day 1:
Oh it's probably the rain. There are a few outages in your area, but we'll set up an appointment for Wednesday, just in case.

Day 2:
There are no outages in your area, the problem is with your modem. There's nothing we can do, you already have an appointment for Wed.

Day 3:
We're showing a problem in you area. No, we don't have an appointment set up for you, but we can set one up for Wed.
(can you tell me what's being done?)
Hold on, I'll transfer you. *hangs up*

Day 4:
(Can you please tell me what's going on, I'm getting conflicting stories)
There are no outages in your area. You have an appointment for Wed. that's the best we can do.
(The problem is not with my modem, I'm sure you can do something remotely)
Well, if it hasn't been done yet, you can give me this # off the bottom of your modem.
(rolls eyes. gives him the number. waits 5 minutes.)
Nope. Nothing we can do, the problem *is* on your end. The technician will be there tomorrow.

2 Hours Later:
*Cable is miraculously working again*

I wish there was a way to make them compensate me for everything, but sadly, I only get $14 for the days I didn't have cable. Now if you'll excuse me, I have 4 days of LJ to catch up on, 28 phone messages to listen to (vonage-cable phone), and almost 2,000 e-mails to go through before I kill everyone, I'm sure the judge will understand.


Sep. 23rd, 2005 02:40 pm
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Two hours 'til I leave... and my tummy's doing jumping jacks! There is nothing to be afraid of, and I hate irrational fear. Hate! I wish to ban it from my life! I'll kick it's ass, I will! Grrrr....


...or maybe I'll just have a cocktail...
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So. Back in the day, when I used to hang in Waldorf, MD (and this is precisely how you can tell it'll be a dumb story), my friends and I became infamous, accidentally. Actually, I came into the group while it was on the verge of infamy, so I really didn't have much to do with it... but that's not the point. Lox (better, and more infamously, known as Warlock) was really the culprit... mostly attributed to when he bounced for Tracks, and the fact that he's just one of those people who makes friends everywhere- he's got large amounts of charisma. Oh. And, it might have helped that he's one of the hugest black guys you've ever seen, and used to be accompanied by ass-long purple and green dreads (which now happen to be sitting in a box in my closet, but that's another story)... regardless, he's not the kind of guy you forget. Combine him with a large, 6' 6" (and just as broad), bald, white guy covered in tattoo's (Dave) - A computer nerd, "Big Chris" (the smallest of the three) - a couple of semi-popular DJ's (Mike and John) -  A tall, skinny Korean punk who somehow had the "luxury" of dating all the strippers in town... and then knocking them up (Will) -  and a short, but broad, half-Philippine body builder (Mark), and place them all in the middle of the small town of Waldorf... well, I suppose you've got a recipe for something.
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It's my birthday today. YAY! I do, in fact, get excited over my birthday. I have no issue with getting older, I will probably be just as happy when I'm 60... and I'm even looking forward to it. :-) So, yeah, it's a happy birthday today, until...

Driving down to meet Mr. [ profile] dragonballzzz  for a birthday brunch, my transmission decided to explode. 1100 bucks and no car 'til Tuesday. Happy birthday to me. hmph.  :-/

At least I had already arranged rides for the weekends shenanigans, and DAMNIT! I'm gonna have a good time. Hopefully, I'll get laid too.  >;-)

Thanks for the birthday wishes thusfar! I even got a lovely poem that "tickles the evil spot"! ;-) *heehee*

I also promise, that I've been very, very bad. So, I deserve extra birthday spankin's. >;-)

Tonight, Nation! Tomorrow, birthday-karaoke party! Life is good. (or at least I'll pretend it is until the weekend is over). *grin*

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Went to dinner with [ profile] cheetahmaster last night at my favorite Chinese place*. With the bill, they brought us these little green and white balls in a plastic wrapper. It looked very much like gum, and I took one and popped it in my mouth. When I bit into it, it was crumbly instead of smooshy... still minty though. It surprised me, so it took a second for me to figure out what it was... OMG! It was chocolate! By that time I had already chewed it to little pieces, and it was half melted on my tongue. (For those of you who don't know; chocolate=anaphylactic shock, which ultimately leads to me choking to death as my throat slowly swells)

Luckily, it was only slightly bigger than a pea, and it takes about twice that to kill me (not that I'm trying to give you any ideas *suspicious glare*). My tongue was swollen for a couple of hours though. Good thing most of that time was spent watching XXX2, so I didn't have to talk. The conversation in the car on the way to the movie, however, was quite the challenge... but [ profile] cheetahmaster was nice, and did not make fun of me... I totally would have. *grin*

So, yep. not dead. :-) It's very rare to eat chocolate accidentally though, so there's that. Oh! & XXX:2 was awesome. I think I liked it better than the first.

*Though the food is excellent, it happens to be my favorite place because of the sign that reads: "We now have a Non-Smoking section available." Being a hated, evil smoker through the recent PC war, the sign makes me feel all warm and fuzzy. :-)
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I am a very, very bad girl.

Edited so you can stop asking )
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Just checked my voicemail:

Monday, 4:21pm:
"Hey Maia, this is Josh, call me back, umm... I'm going to Ocean City tonight and San Diego tomorrow. I already bought the tickets, I was wondering if you wanted to go. Call me."

WTF???!!! bwhahahahahaha......


hmph. part of me is now wishing I checked my voicemail earlier...

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Family, food, fun, and (of course) bridge. :-)
A few BRUISES ), lots of DANCING ), and a little bit of DRAMA );-)
All around, a good time.

I can't seem to remember... something about people chasing me and then getting shot 6 times in the back... oh wait! that was the dream I had when I slept all day. right. My back still hurts.

Confusion, I don't know why I bother making plans, don't count on me to ever get my shit together, karaoke goodness.

Some more bridge, good conversation, a little weirdness, a lot of fun, band practice )
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I'm having trouble finding the time to write in LJ... considering that I have to move, find a new job, pack, get ready for final projects/papers at school, work more hours,  & lose my fucking mind.

so, now you people will just have to deal with long posts containing a couple of days worth of stuff. Deal. ;-P

Thursday was Nation and a spectacularly FUN night!

Friday was my day off... so I cleaned-- Got the bird guts out of my car... but no beak was found... damn. & my apt. was clean for like an hour, but you know packing is messy. ick.

Saturday was partylicious--- Much thanks are in order...

  • [ profile] thelohrax and [ profile] t1tdave! Much fun at your house! Rockin' party!
  • To everyone who voted my costume "cutest"... still rather ironic, seeing how I hate that word. bitches. ;-P However, I probably should reevaluate the meaning, considering it was nothing like bunnies, babies, and pink.
  • To [ profile] theantichrist: yay for chocolate I won't die from! Glad you weren't trying to kill me! That was the *sweetest* thing ever! (there goes your image) >;-)
  • To [ profile] rackletang for bringing me free vinyl... twice! You're awesome babe!
  • & To [ profile] devolutionary and roomie for the extra couple of shots to push me over the edge to oblivion! *heehee* ;-)

Sunday was hangover lazyness, followed by Karaoke goodness. & I probably over-did it last week cause now I'm sick... soar throat, fever, and yucky. Blah! So, I skipped class today... can't seem to move... need to go vote though, somehow I'll figure out how to manage that

Oh crap! This just in:  more suckyness! News of my friend Donna just reached me... she had a stroke at 29! She's in a fucking coma... wtf's up with the universe right now?! I think my emotions are officially on hiatus at this point. fuck.

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I took off work today after my disaster... & yes, to you sceptics out there, I really was stuck in the elevator for two whole hours, all by myself... not like in the movies where you have company and porno music. ;-P

I also have to find some way to clean the rest of the bird parts out of my car's crevices without becoming ill... hmm, maybe I'll find a beak or something to keep for memory's sake... that would be *awesome*. >;-)

Also, this is really fucked up. lol.

& this questionnaire that I almost forgot to post )

& the ABC meme )

okay... so now that's all done... house-keeping, you know how it is... now all I have to worry about is that little bitch that keeps popping up and taunting me. >;-)

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Knowing I had two tests to take on Thursday, I decided to run around on Wednesday night and do stuff... I went all the way to College park for my first (of three) astronomy lectures, learned cool stuff about black holes and was supposed to be able to use the telescopes, but that didn't happen cause it was raining, damnit & stupid me for trying to go to the lecture on a rainy day (duh... moron).On the way back from that I went to Laurel to see a friend (for a good reason...and to do some karaoke)... I told myself that I would just stay for a few hours, then go home... HA! I should know better than that... so yeah, I got home at 3am. Then I had to review for my exams... Astronomy (which, as I have explained before, is a bitch to study for) and Yoga (don't scoff... it's a bunch of sanskrit... and I'm a crappy speller). So, that was fun... 5 am, I go to bed... first exam at 9:30am.

Thursday, after 3hours sleep, I take my exams... the Yoga exam was of course essay format, so 10 points gone for spelling, but prolly still an A. Then astronomy... and it was too easy... so easy in fact that I am scared... that probably makes no sense, but even if I explained it, it still wouldn't... so, whatever... I'll find out Tuesday. After work, I go all the way to Nation... have great time... head on down the road to VA to crash at a friends and go to my second astronomy lecture the next day at noon. So it's, I don't know... 5am maybe... and you know, sleep would be logical at this point... but why when you can stay up til 11 am? It was worth it just to stay up and talk about stupid shit, but yeah, totally missed that lecture... which you know made the whole thing kind of senseless, but what else is new.

I go to my parents' Friday night... get there by about 3am... stay up for a few more hours... crash. Get up in 4 hours to go to the Amish Market with some friends, just to torture myself by perusing lots of cool shit that I can't buy... then go get some sushi... play some pool... have some fun. & now it's almost 4am... and I'm still awake. WTF is wrong with me? IDK. weeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee!

okay... stupid babbling over... commence with whatever you should be doing besides reading my crap. ;-P

But first have some memes:, cause you know I'm not ready for bed yet insomnia-driven memes here )

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No, they don't usually go together, but I was covered in both today... and, believe it or not, it was a good day.

Today's project with the kids was "Bubble Tubes"...colored tubes with glitter, confetti, and water in them in which an air bubble glubs to the top stirring everything up... I'm sure you've seen them in stores at times... they serve no purpose but to aid in daydreaming and possibly to fascinate a doser for a few hours. So, for sure, it was everything a kid could want.

To make these, we bought clear tubing from the hardware store, food coloring, glitter, confetti, and "Gorilla Glue." I'm sure your imagination is already two steps ahead of me at this point... and probably two steps ahead of what I envisioned this project to be like when I invented it... but let me go on.

So I've got 30 out of the 75 kids crowding me to do this project, and we get started. Well, it would've been nice if I had planned this out more... but I still had to cut the long coil of tube down to smaller pieces and glue on one end... but no time for preparation, gotta do it as the children approach to avoid the annoying noises children make when they have to be patient. So I'm frantically cutting tubes, gluing on one end and passing it off child by child. They go down the line filling their tubes with water, food coloring, and glittery goodness; around the table and back to me, where I cap it off and put it in the bucket to dry. This goes well for a while.. and I am laughing my ass off as each child, clean and perfect at the front of the line, shows up at the other end disheveled, sparkling head to toe, and grinning wildly at their masterpiece.

I'm wearing gloves, so I don't get the glue on my hands... but plastic gloves and glue don't play well together... so halfway through the project I have my own masterpiece going in the middle of the table, consisting of discarded latex, glue, ever-spreading glitter, pieces of plastic tubing, paintbrush bristles, and some of my hair. I was quite impressed with it actually, and was thinking about some way to take it home, when the next child approached and decided to give me a big messy hug....

When you're holing an exacto knife and a child comes rushing towards you, your first impulse is to move the knife as far away from them as possible... when there are children on all sides of you, apparently the first impulse is to point the knife towards yourself. & he gave me the most loving, heartfelt hug while simultaneously pushing into my arm... that was incidentally holding the blade... that slipped ever so sleekly into my side.

Not wanting to cause a ruckus, and trying to disguise my pain... I smile at him and grab the first thing I can find to hold over my wound... my pile-o-gluey latex. I clutch myself like I have to pee, and tell the children to wait til I get back to continue. I run off to the bathroom. And let me just say that it's impossible enough to clean glitter off of anything... no less a seeping wound. & I have glitter all over myself. & I don't want to lift my shirt and explore the damage until I get the glitter off of my hands. So, I'm standing over the sink, frantically scrubbing my hands, and laughing hysterically as I feel the blood running down my side. (for those of you who don't know me very well, this is not strange. I laugh when I'm in pain, always have, don't ask me why.)

So, I finally get most of the glitter off and I lift my shirt... looks bad, but it always does when you've been bleeding unattended for 10 minutes (or so it seemed). So now I have to clean up the blood to really assess the damage. This is harder than is seems when all you have available is the school-issue piece-of-shit brown paper towels with the absorbancy of cardboard and texture of sandpaper. But I manage anyway... and really it wasn't so bad... so I first-aid it. I'm doing okay... a little light-headed and throbby... but okay. However, I had been standing there long enough for the blood to have soaked my shirt on one side... and that was nothing compared to the sink and the floor. So I go to work cleaning the blood-glitter and by the time I'm done, I'm covered in it.

My co-worker walks in at this point. Handles it surprisingly well, considering that I must've looked like I just came from a fairy's slaughterhouse. & we devise a plan for me to sneak by the children undetected and get out to my car to go home. She got my stuff, drove my car around to the front of the building and I managed to leave without anyone seeing me. Now getting through my apartment building undetected was a completely different story... but I guess I looked like I wasn't in the mood for conversation, so people just kinda did a double-take and allowed me on my way. & thus a long shower and some relaxation followed... and ultimately passing on my story to you fine folks.

& as Halloween is approaching, I encourage you to pass it on to your children... and your children's children... and so on and so forth. So that years from now, your ancestors children can look in the mirror, say my name 3 times, scare the begeezus out of each other, and hope the bloody-maia won't come for her revenge.

.....okay, now I know I've lost too many capillaries.. nevermind... carry on...
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I go to the liquor store. Get some wine. Somebody honks the horn in the parking lot as I walk to my car. I don't see anyone I know... so I move on down the road to the BlockBuster.

I'm at the BlockBuster, looking at movies. Some guy walks in. He walks up to me... and here's the dialog:

Him: "didn't I just see you in the parking lot at the liquor store?"
Me: "was that you honking at me?" *rolls eyes*
Him: "yeah, so you're renting a movie?"
Me: "yes, obviously"
Him: "so we should rent one together"
Me: "um, I just met you"
Him: "so, I have some beer in my car"
Me: "um, I have a boy-friend"
Him: "so, I have some wine at home too. Do you cook?"
Me: "yes, but..."
Him: "great! so you can cook us some dinner and I'll buy the movie"
Me: "what the fuck is wrong with you?"
Him: "what? I'm just saying..."
Me: "you're just saying that you're some ass hole that honks at chicks in the parking lot, offers them beer, then expects them to come over, watch a movie and cook for you?!?! Did you honestly think that would work?"
Him: "Well, I'm a guy, you're a girl. We're just two people that want to watch a movie... we should just watch it together."
Me: "No. You're a creep, and I'm just gonna kick your ass if you don't leave me alone."
Him: "Well, I gave it a shot! You don't have to be a bitch about it."

Did I not give him enough hints to go away? Was I not very clear about not wanting to watch a movie with him? & mind you, the whole time I was walking away from him, and he kept following me around the store.

So, there's a mix of emotions at this point. I'm angry, annoyed, upset, and creeped out. So I rent a comedy. check out. and walk to my car.
*BEEP-BEEP* ... I nearly jumped out of my skin! I get in my car, lock the doors... drive away. He follows me through the parking lot and down the street. I thought we were truly gonna have a car chase... but I guess he gave up.

So, I'm feeling pretty fucked up right now. But every time I feel like crying... I'll just read the above dialogue... reflecting, it was pretty funny before that last part... he asked me to cook him dinner! hahahahahahaha! *cough*
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Have some catching up...

un-fucking-believable!!!! I got stung by a bee again!!! I am highly allergic and it really suxx ass... and it wasn't but a week ago that I got stung for the first time since i was 9!!! and now that's twice. in one week. urg! But it's amazing how fast and easily you can jam a needle into your foot when you have to.

okay... mythbuster's rocks! even if it's just another excuse to skip studying. :-P

i'm also loving my new squishy-stress-relief-brain thingy... it's got all the veins and blood and stuff in it too... excellent.

Okay, back to what I was talking about... so this weekend I went to yet another wedding. Seriously people, I don't get it. But anyway, you know how *something* always goes wrong at these things. Well, it was in Southern MD... and they got tornados and wind and other sucky stuff... and the power decided to go out at the place. So, the wedding was without power... except for a generator for the music. & then they brought out the beer before the ceremony got started... so I was like "hey... music, beer... what else do you need?" So anyway, yeah... people were drinking as the bride and groom walked down the eisle... so yeah, it was a fun wedding. Also, I should mention, that cousin-of-the-groom, well known stoner, and online-certified minister, conducted the wedding. hahahahaha... people who didn't know were like "cool the minister cusses and drinks" LOL good times.

Whoo Hoo! As of October 16th, I will have fully paid off my debt that i have incurred from my FUCKING STUPID ASS BANK DICK HEAD MOTHER FUCKERS!

Anyway, um so life is busy... yeah that's what I was talking about... I had a test on monday... aced it... aww yeah. But I have another one on Thursday... did I mention I should be studying? Anyway, yeah... mythbusters rocks! & merlot... "Coppola" merlot. Damn, conscience! Fuck an Astronomy test... crap... need to study. Drunk studying... could be fun... nah, too much math... fuck. I'm screwed.


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So I finally decided to get off my ass and have some fun before my sentence of "the daily grind" begins again...

On Wednesday I went to my favorite Karaoke place...

While I'm sitting next to my favorite Karaoke regular, Eddie, I'm approached by this Will Ferrell look-a-like who's wearing the whole 70's polyester get-up with an open shirt showing off his ever-so-manly chest hair. He looks sleazily into my eyes, brushes my face with his finger and says... "you have the sexiest CHIN I've ever seen"...!!!???!!!.... I seriously didn't know whether to laugh or break his finger off... I mean WTF???

Instead I said "really?, is that a fetish thing?" and he honestly replied "I don't know, but I can work on that baby" ... "bwahahahahahahahahaha" says I... while my friend Eddie has his jaw on the floor, still not believing what he's just heard. I honestly think I crushed the poor guy by laughing... and, trying to make himself feel better, he looks at Eddie and asks him if he agrees that I have the sexiest chin. Eddie looks at him in all seriousness and says "that's my wife" LOL Good times.

On Thursday I'm hung over and recovering from a nightmare about being somebody's wife in the 70's where everyone's got big Jay Leno cleft chins... when my friend calls and begs me to go out with her....

So, we make it another Karaoke night at some other joint in Laurel. I had some "hair of the dog", a good karaoke time, and met some cool people... one of which was this awesome chick who does mystery dinner-theater... and she told me to call her and she'd get me and friends in at half price. WhooHoo! Score! Anyone wanna go? You can check out the web site at:

On Friday I'm hung over again, and have plans to stay the weekend at my friend [ profile] thelohrax's house...

We hang out all night with her two girls and do all kinds of girly things that I NEVER do... lol, it was quite interesting.... but it must've rubbed off on me a little cause she and I get sloshed on Merlot and, in typical girley fashion, I end up unloading a bunch of crap on her... which I hate to do, and felt totally pathetic about afterwards... such a cliche'. lol. oh well. *love-you babe!*

On Saturday we had made plans to go to Nation with a friend... at this point I'm beyond hung-over, and actually starting to feel like I'm coming down with something...

but we meet up with our friend and, after driving long distances to pick up his boyfriend and then go back to pick up [ profile] thelohrax's ID, we go to Red Run to eat. We end up having some extra time before we want to leave for Nation, and go to Karaoke (again) to chill for a few.

At this point I'm starting to feel really crappy... so I down a couple of drinks hoping it will kill the pain for the next few hours. It worked, and I sang "Zombie" from the cranberries surprisingly well for having a soar throat. & I had an even better time at Nation watching all the half-naked gay men make out and dance together... my ultimate wet-dream. *taking a minute to remember* ahhhhhh.

The night ended sadly as our friends car was broken into. Luckily not a whole lot was taken-- our friends camera, his boyfriends backpack, but they surprisingly left the laptop untouched--... and the window was bashed in, so the whole way back I rode with glass-splinters up my ass and with my eyes closed in fear of being blinded by shrapnel. So, that was sucky... my poor friend. :-(

So, by the time we get back I'm feeling uber crappy... and I definitely have some kind of virus or something. It was one of those where I was so congested that I couldn't breathe through my nose, but my throat hurt so bad that I couldn't breathe through my mouth either. So I stay up all night suffocating, frozen and sweating from fever, and watching back episodes of "the L word" on OnDemand... which turns out to be not-so-sexy when you feel like shit... and yet I was still somehow aroused... hmmm.

So, today I'm home again... and I learned that it's impossible to masturbate to any end when you're sick... so now I'm frustrated and ill. But that brings me back to the macaroni and cheese in a box...

& just cause I said I would, I'll sum it all up by typing... b00+y1ic10u5 ;-)
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I went back home for the weekend, my brother was having his 21st birthday party. My parents were not going to be home, so they asked me to be there to keep an eye on things. Well, the first night was good... there was only about 15 people there, and it was fun... there was the usual party-type mess to clean up, but nothing bad. Just about everybody crashed that night and most of them left the next day. Everyone helped clean up most of the mess. So, I'm thinking everything's cool, everyone's just gonna hang out until they get a ride home, then we'll just do the rest of the cleaning and stuff when they leave...

Well, of course it wasn't that simple. I go upstairs to take a nap before I go help my friend move, cause I'm exhausted... a little while later Trevor comes upstairs and wakes me up because his friend is having an asthma attack and needs to get home to get more nebulizer medicine. So I let him borrow my truck to take her to get it... but I specified that only he is to drive the truck and that he is to come right back... an hour or two later I wake up and the truck is still gone... after all that has happened, of course I'm freaking out at this point. 6 hours later... Trevor returns with the truck. I'm, of course, fuming at this point... and his excuse is that they fell asleep. So, I tell him that there is no way in hell he's using the truck again, and that he needs to find a ride home for his friends. So, they call up their friend Ashlyn who is going to give a ride home to everybody there.

So, I'm thinking, problem solved right?... wrong again. Ashlyn shows up with her boyfriend and his friend... who are "gang members" from Calvert County... HAHAHAHAHA, yeah right... but still bad news... anyway... one of the people who was already there was Ashlyn's sister, Megan. Apparently Ashlyn and her sister don't get along very well... and Megan had already called the cops on her and her boyfriend previously that week because of some violence and drug trafficking (doesn't that just sound wonderful). So, as soon as they see each other they start fighting. & Megan's boyfriend and Ashlyn's boyfriend start to have words as well. So, now I'm outside breaking up fights... and while I'm doing that someone took the liberty to call "Boss" (the gang's leader)... and Megan decides to call her mom and get her involved... Toby gets on the phone with her and calms her down... and then agrees to take both the girls home.

While the girls are getting their shit together to leave... I'm in the front yard trying to keep the two guys from fighting... I wrestled on of the guys to the ground, because he was all worked up and wouldn't calm down... then, when he realized that he wasn't stronger then me, he decides to take a chunk out of my skin with his nails... and then "Boss" shows up. Well, "Boss" ends up being cooler than I expected. He punches the guy (who scratched me)... calms down his "boys" and makes them leave. He's extremely apologetic to me and sticks around for a while to make sure everything stays "cool". Toby takes the girls home... and by the time he gets back it's almost morning again. And now, because of everything, no one has a ride home... again. Toby goes to bed, 'cause he has to go to work in a few hours... and now everyone is stuck there for another day.... until Toby gets back from work. So, I'm stuck in the house with these stupid fucking people for another day... I'm bruised and have huge gashes in my shoulder... and just wanting everyone to disappear.

So, we all go to bed and get up the next afternoon. All we can do is wait for Toby to get back so everyone can go home... and because, at this point, nobody else is going to come over to pick anyone up after what happened. So, everyone's hanging out doing they're thing... and I'm doing my thing... and by nightfall, no one had done any cleaning or getting ready to leave. (& at this point, I'm not doing shit!) So, I pull Trevor off to the side to tell him that he needs to get everything cleaned up so that we can leave ASAP (at the very latest we need to leave by noon the next day for Toby and Trevor to get to work on time). & this is where Trevor's true colors just shine through ... all that night Trevor behaved like the most arrogant, no-conscience, non-caring, like the world owes him a favor, bastard. Not only did he not clean up any of the times I asked him to, but he also tried to get the people who started all the problems the other night to come back to the house!!! (plus a lot of other stupid little things).

When Toby got home, he was exhausted from getting no sleep and having to drive all the way to Baltimore and back... & I'm still exhausted from the night before, and from dealing with Trevor all night, and from trying to get things done. & I'm still so pissed off about all that Trevor did that I don't even want to talk about it right now. But, to make a long story short... Toby and I basically gave up... we were just exhausted in every way and we just layed down and passed out for a while. When we got up today, Trevor and his friends had cleaned up pretty well and Trevor was gone taking everyone home. He got back late and without everything done, so Toby was late for work. & now I'm home fuming about everything that happened and really, really disappointed and angry at Trevor. (and really I'd love to get it off my chest... but I'm tired of typing).

But, anyway... Trevor's got no car and no way to get back down there for a long, long time... so, I hope he had fun because he's stuck here with us until we decide to go back down to visit our folks or something... and there's no way in hell he's getting any more favors from me.

So that was my weekend... as ridiculous as it all sounds. I'm exhausted, and now that I've gotten this off my chest, I'm going to take a nap.


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