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The Apartment s$!% over!!!
{{screams from the crowd}}
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Well... swimming got postponed. Guess why? Responsibilities.
There's no escaping! Bah!

Good news is: Jonathan (from our apartment) just told me that the accountants have fixed the errors, and our account should be normal again. I won't find out if it's true or not until tomorrow, because "it takes overnight to show up in the system." He's also sending us a letter outlining everything, and clearing up any credit/court-notice snafu's.

Now I go swim! (and repeat the mantra that "everything will, in fact, be okay tomorrow.")

Well then

Jul. 28th, 2006 10:17 am
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Comcast fux0red up again. Like I predicted, nothing was wrong with our equipment. We made him replace the modem anyway. 11pm - cracked-out internet.

We called, of course. How long does it take a Comcast tech-support agent to to understand a simple concept? 20 minutes.

P:"We had a dispatch out here today, and the problem is still not fixed"
TS:"There's nothing I can do from here. I can send a dispatch out to check on it"
P:"But we already had one out here today"
TS:"I understand, but the problem is not here. We can send a dispatch out to help"
P:"What will a dispatch be able to do? THERE WAS ALREADY ONE HERE TODAY"
TS:"But we're not showing any problem from this end..."

I literally started laughing at this point. Paul has more patience than I would've had... he spelled the whole thing out for her, until she understood. Poor thing got interrupted during CoH again too.

I'm on hold right now... I'm gonna bug the shit out of them every day until they get someone out here to check the main line (supposedly next Friday). weeeee!

On the apartment front:

I just got some rogue mail slipped under my door...


We the tenants of ____ ____ would like to form a tenants association to establish a working relationship with management.

We would like to meet this Saturday on the 7th floor at 6:00p.m.

All interested residents are urged to attend, to help address concerns that exist in and around our building.


Looks like a bunch of people are pissed! LOL ...I hope there's a protest.
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To whom it may concern,

We, Paul Jacobus and Maia Dowling, the tenants of 3701 Twin Lakes Ct. Apt # 723, Baltimore, MD 21244, would like to bring to your attention several unlawful charges that have been made to our account by _____ ______ Associates.

Though these charges have come to our attention only as recently as March of 2006, the charges themselves were made as early as December 2004. We have brought this to the attention of both the Apartment Manager Anthony _____ and the General Manager Jonathan_____ several times. After four months, neither manager has acted sufficiently to resolve this issue. Furthermore, we have been served with several court summons, charged late fees, and threatened with eviction.

We are shocked that your business has managed our account in such a manner.

We calculate that you have charged us $917.00 unlawfully, in addition to $144.10 in late fees due to these charges. The total amount you have overcharged us is $1061.10.

We are enclosing a copy of our billing statement. Highlighted are the mentioned charges.

We require these charges to be removed from our statement and any charges already paid to be refunded to us. In addition, we require that you remove any default notice against our credit records. If you do not comply fully within 15 days, we shall begin a claim against you for the full amount, plus interest and costs, and without any further notice.

Should you be interested in contacting us regarding this matter, we can be reached at the daytime phone number of _______.

Maia S. Dowling

Paul M. M. Jacobus


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