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Went to dinner with [ profile] cheetahmaster last night at my favorite Chinese place*. With the bill, they brought us these little green and white balls in a plastic wrapper. It looked very much like gum, and I took one and popped it in my mouth. When I bit into it, it was crumbly instead of smooshy... still minty though. It surprised me, so it took a second for me to figure out what it was... OMG! It was chocolate! By that time I had already chewed it to little pieces, and it was half melted on my tongue. (For those of you who don't know; chocolate=anaphylactic shock, which ultimately leads to me choking to death as my throat slowly swells)

Luckily, it was only slightly bigger than a pea, and it takes about twice that to kill me (not that I'm trying to give you any ideas *suspicious glare*). My tongue was swollen for a couple of hours though. Good thing most of that time was spent watching XXX2, so I didn't have to talk. The conversation in the car on the way to the movie, however, was quite the challenge... but [ profile] cheetahmaster was nice, and did not make fun of me... I totally would have. *grin*

So, yep. not dead. :-) It's very rare to eat chocolate accidentally though, so there's that. Oh! & XXX:2 was awesome. I think I liked it better than the first.

*Though the food is excellent, it happens to be my favorite place because of the sign that reads: "We now have a Non-Smoking section available." Being a hated, evil smoker through the recent PC war, the sign makes me feel all warm and fuzzy. :-)


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