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She's been very good to me today.

Paul was working today, so I had to wake up with Zoe this morning... and I was out late last night. She knows, when she wakes up before us, that she's not supposed to leave the bedroom until we're awake. Today, she was being nice to me, and decided not to wake me up. So, instead, she climbed into bed with me and curled up in a ball putting her nose up to mine, trying sooo hard to be quiet and let me sleep.... but her little body couldn't contain her excitement, and she's started shaking with anticipation. It, of course, woke me up... but it was soo sweet of her to try so hard... In fact, she was trying so hard that when I opened my eyes she let out a squeal of relief. hee!

And while I'm talking about Zoe....

This past weekend, we all went to my Grandmother's house for the 4th of July. One evening we put the little girls in the back room to watch a movie and color, so that the adults could watch Munich. Cecily had brought these soft crayons, kind of like pastels, for them to color with, so they were having a grand time. We would go back and check on them, every 10 minutes or so. About halfway through the movie, I go back to find THIS )

When I asked her why, she said: "Because I wanted a tattoo!"

*sigh* I missed the rest of the movie to dole out the bath-sentence-of-doom! ;-)

More pictures of the weekend, coming soon. :-)
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Last Thursday, while Cheetahmaster and I were stuck in some traffic, we were accosted by this (!?) )
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Netflix search: "Electromagnetism."
Result: "Carmen Electra's Aerobic Striptease" O_o
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Something I've been saying for a while, and no one ever believs me.
I smoke at the damn gas station, and here's why I'm not worried. ;-P
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From the Whitey in me: "Happy Thanksgiving"

From the Native American in me: "Fuck Off you Nazzis!"

From the American in me: "Turkey. Beer. Football. Nap."

From the Foreigners in me: "WTF kinda holiday is this?"

From All of me: "YAY! I get to see Family and par_tay. w00t!"
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Being up on the 7th floor is scary on a really windy day. It doesn't make much sense, I know. But, I always get this impending feeling of doom.
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Almost everyone is chained to the couch right now watching Lost... except me.

It's strangely liberating. It almost feels like I've bought myself an hour. >;-P
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st00pid! Someone contacted me about a "job" today... it's a sad, sad day.

Here's my virtual job interview. Make sure you press "play". Seriously.
this is the e-mail I got )


Sep. 14th, 2005 09:55 pm
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It's true, but the "tips." Oh, the tips. lol. It's like I'm defective or something. ;-P

Results of the Romantic Personality Test

Your score = 32 Your score

Read more... )

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Bad Morning! Bad!

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"The will of the people is the best law"

What say you?
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This one is a cross over from MySpace, but goddamn it's funnee!

Directions: Type "(your name) is" with the quotes, into a Google search then pick out your favorite 15 responses. Copy, then repost your responses:

1) Fashionably late — Maia is open from 4:30 pm until closing

2) Maia is as supple as a bungee, but irony tinges her voice.

3) Maia is a moving target right now

4) I don't believe much in flogging girls as a rule - but really - Maia is right.

4) MAIA is flexible. MAIA is innovative. MAIA is based on experiential education. MAIA offers a wide range of skills.

5) Maia's is a real garden of eatin'. (awww yeah)

6) Maia is not definitely true. If Maia is false, then Maia is definitely true. But definite truth implies truth. Therefore, Maia is true. This proof that Maia is true ensures that Maia is a definite truth. But Maia says Maia is not definitely true. Contradiction.

7) Maia is defending her ship against a pirate attack

8) Maia is a bold departure from the traditional

9) Maia is designed for living!' Maia offers aesthetically pleasing and extremely hygienic non-porous worksurfaces. (*wiggles eyebrows*)

10) Maia is definitely from the Player camp

11) The handling capacity of MAIA is currently 600 passengers per hour

12) Maia is housetrained.

13) Maia is fun for all ages...well, perhaps not. Maia does get rather racey in parts.

14) Maia is the black "Bi" on the right. This simply means that she has two colors.

15) Maia is a hot young blue-white giant

As exciting as all of that is, Maia is here to rain on that parade.
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[ profile] cheetahmaster asked:
"Top five comic books!"
(I am no connoisseur, my experience is limited, so I had to go with the ones that turned me onto comics.)

3)The Vault of Horror (aka: Tales from the Crypt)
4)Poison Elves
5)I'm having a real hard time with this last one. I am a fan of the superhero comics, so I want to put another of those here, but which one? I'm a big fan of the teams, but they're all about equal rank, and not as good as Xmen... SO, I narrow it down to either Spider Man or Vampire Hunter. Yep. (gah!)

[ profile] thelohrax asked:
"Top five sexual positions sexy movies."

1)bottom of 69 Original Sin
2)bound on bottom Stealing Beauty
3)upsidedown Secretary
4)on all 4's Threesome
5)backwards Foxfire
(This one was hard too- there's many different kinds of sexy, and I avoided the obvious (like Don Juan DeMarco and Wild Things)... but these are 5 movies that have made me squirm in my seat.)

[ profile] sailormom asked:
"Top 5 liquors"

(This, I know.)


Jul. 8th, 2005 07:59 pm
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I finally found some time for an *actual* update! I was in the process of typing it too... about 5-6 paragraphs in... Then...

The power went out. Now, I no longer have the time. So, once again, you gets nothin'! ;-P
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I've been getting notices from AIM that I'm "signed on at more than one location"... I have a few friends with my s/n on their computer, so I wasn't too worried, but maybe a little curious.

Then I get this e-mail from a Mr. [ profile] safetypup :

 Attached is a communication I just had with your Mom on IM. *LOL*

safetypup30: Heya, sweetie.
safetypup30: Was I just one of 20 that mobbed ya?
safetypup30: hee-hee
nightgoddess0690: It's her mom. She set this #!@%$*&(# up & I can't shut it off! BTW, hi & bye.
safetypup30: Wha?
safetypup30: Ohhhh....
safetypup30: Hi!
safetypup30: :-)
safetypup30: Bye.

*LOL! Sorry mom! I did have it set not to bother you... but it's AIM, so it has a mind of it's own sometimes... remind me and I'll fix it next time I'm over*

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Saw a truck today on my way home, on the side it read:

Fresh Mushrooms

A whole 18-wheeler, just for "fresh" mushrooms...

Also, my LJ statistics )


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