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I had the most excellent of excellent birthdays.

Thank you, everyone, so much!
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I know there are blackmail photos.
::looks at you suspiciously::
Show me! ;-P

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It's my birthday today. YAY! I do, in fact, get excited over my birthday. I have no issue with getting older, I will probably be just as happy when I'm 60... and I'm even looking forward to it. :-) So, yeah, it's a happy birthday today, until...

Driving down to meet Mr. [ profile] dragonballzzz  for a birthday brunch, my transmission decided to explode. 1100 bucks and no car 'til Tuesday. Happy birthday to me. hmph.  :-/

At least I had already arranged rides for the weekends shenanigans, and DAMNIT! I'm gonna have a good time. Hopefully, I'll get laid too.  >;-)

Thanks for the birthday wishes thusfar! I even got a lovely poem that "tickles the evil spot"! ;-) *heehee*

I also promise, that I've been very, very bad. So, I deserve extra birthday spankin's. >;-)

Tonight, Nation! Tomorrow, birthday-karaoke party! Life is good. (or at least I'll pretend it is until the weekend is over). *grin*

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I am a very, very bad girl.

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I'm thinking it's about time for me to catch up with the updates... been a while. ;-)

Two of my best friends just joined my LJ fam! YAY! My friend (since we were babies) Joe=[ profile] frcmustang , and Eddie/EZE!=[ profile] tohellwiththis .  I've talked about the two of them enough on LJ, now they can talk back without anonymity. ;-)

A BIG Happy Birthday to [ profile] rackletang!!! I have CD's for you babe! (finally.)

Probably checkin out the new J's Cafe' tonight... I've heard some really awesome things about it. Poetry readings, Karaoke, Bands, Pool tables... it's apparently HUGE! Can't wait.

Still looking for a job. :-( Hopefully one of these interviews I've been on lately will pay-off. I'm off to one now... but I'll be updating soon about my reality show interview, so you guys can stop asking. ;-P

So, much more to come soon! you guys are in soo much trouble... I'm feeling posty today! ;-)

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I'm done.

I've been through a lot over the past 6 months, it's all so... hard. It's great to know that I have support, but seriously, I'm ready to just deal with this on my own time and move on. That may sound mean, but I just can't deal with the "How are you doing's" and the "I'm sorry's" any more. I love you, but stop it. :-P

Instead, lets go have some fun. I've been thinking of all the things I said I'd do, and haven't gotten around to yet...

Cheetahmaster: dinner
Rackletang: those free tickets are a waitin'
Sailormom: my hair is dying & you promised me pie! ;-)
Syntart: coffee (but It'll have to wait 'til you get back I see... have fun! and hit me up when you return)
Anevergreen: I'll be there on the 8th
Ikirus: polish your skates. ;-)
Cenendra20: karaoke?
Needsunshine: I'll see ya Saturday
224215152: Chiaroscuro re-do?

Of course, Nation and Karaoke again SOON!
I've got no plans, as of yet, tonight or Sunday... but I will damnit! ;-)
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Tonight: Possibly going to Champions in Laurel. I am being persuaded, yet again...

Thursday: Supposed to be popping Pete's Nation cherry, it should prove to be amusing at the least. If he chickens out, I might make it a Newsbacks-karaoke night instead... we shall see.

Friday: Frankie and the Actions at the California Inn in Laurel. Come join me! I've known these guys for years, they are truly awesome. & I just found out that they are billed as "Baltimore's best bar band"! kick-ass! :-)

Tomorrows post: Why I moved to Baltimore when I'm constantly in Laurel. It's positively masochistic. ;-P

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heh. Why my mom roxx... even if she's a hippie. ;-)

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...was my first thought, followed immediately by "OMG! I slept!!!!" ...& I slept good. for 6 and a half hours. *gloat* ;-)

Well, it was a busy weekend... and yesterday I got a lot accomplished on the business end.

Friday night I went back home to hang with my dad, as he was bacheloring it for the weekend. On Saturday, we had some awesome conversation over dinner, at Margelina's, with a friend of his. Then we went back home to, in contrast, watch Dodge Ball- which was fucking hilarious nonetheless.  & mainly for me, some notable quotes from Dodgeball here )

After the movie, I went out to see my friends band, "Frankie and the Actions"... met up with Arlene, Josh, John, and Randy there. Had a good time dancin and hagin' with some old buddies. It's funny how nothing ever seems to change in Waldorf... even though I think that place is a pit-of-hell, it's oddly comforting.

[BTW- Frankie and the Actions are playing at the California Inn, in Laurel on Feb. 25th. Anyone up for coming with, is welcome! :-)]

Afterward we all went to Denny's with Frankie. As Denny's is "the place to be" in Waldorf, I saw a few more friends there. Travis was there (look Dev.! I remembered his name!) and it was especially nice to see Dre again. We stayed up til 5am talking about dumb shit, as usual. It was great! lol.

On Sunday I hooked up with Will and Arlene for dinner and a movie. We saw Elektra, which I thought was great... but, I'm a Marvel freak, so you know... it was much better than Dare Devil so, 1-up for the ladies! ;-) Tattoo was awesomely done... even though he dies so terribly lamely. & Typhoid was, of course, bad-ass!

Well... that's all for my update. Off to slack some more and do some meme's, which I'll undoubtedly post later. *grin*

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Friday I decided to stay home and drown my sorrows... glad I did too. My friend Gavin called from his military base somewhere in one of those middle states. I'm not much of a phone person, but holy shit we talked for like 2 hours before I knew it!?! 

He convinced me to audition for this new TV reality show, where contestants compete to become the new lead singer of INXS. Fuck it. I'll laugh back at everyone when I make my millions. ;-P Gavin will also be trying out... and we decided that if either of us makes a million bucks, we'd create our own reality show where we travel around the world poking fun (and utterly insulting) every culture.

Ahh the pipe dreams we've created... haven't done that since high-school. It was much needed. ;-)

Saturday I saw Lemony Snickets... it was much darker than I had expected. It scared the shit out of my niece quite a few times... but it was cute how she kept saying "that looks dangerous" just before something bad happened. To my dismay, the movie ended with a happy moral and hope. Which for some reason got me thinking about Pandora's Box... hope was in the box of evils.

Later I went to karaoke, where I met [ profile] wbenetti's twin. We watched the Jets game in between songs and then he started telling me about how he was an "urban biologist"... he explained it, but I don't think I was paying attention so I'm still confused as to what an urban biologist actually does. I also met a guy who at first seemed interesting... at least until he started explaining how life was on "his planet." His last words were "watch out for those asteroids."  ...spooky.

It was great to see all my usual karaoke buddies again though. & Mac told me the bartender at Paradiso was asking about "us" (you know who you are ppl!)... well he did give us free drinks, then we never returned... but I'm gonna pretend it's cause we're just so damned cool. ;-)

Sunday I came back around, full circle (my liver's gonna beat me to death one of these days). & I watched "Collateral" and "The Terminal" with [ profile] adrian232 and Angel. Neither were very satisfying... however, I've been kind of numb lately, so my opinion doesn't really mean shit... but that's another story...

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So... Karaoke this Saturday at Oliver's in Laurel, Maryland. 9PM.
Come join me, thelohrax and t1tdave! :-)
[we will also be going to see lemony snickets beforehand, if you're interested]


Last night was Nation. It was fun... but if I ever had a day where I was completely off my game... that was it. & I mean Yikes! lol. ;-P

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We all have had one too many Corona's and have been dancing around the living room to 80's music...

Troy and Justin dancing with their shirts tied in a knot around their waist... Gmom giving Poppop a lapdance... screaming (at the top of our lungs) to, "you spin me right round baby right round" and "shooting out the walls of heartache, bang, bang" and "Jenny I got your number... 867-5309"(while Troy dances with a feather duster erotically)...

BTW- "I wear my sunglasses at night, so I can, so I can..." what??? none of us can remember. wtf? we just made the words up from there. LOL.

Did I mention how much I love this family?!?!?!

Gotta go... 99 loof Baloons...
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Today at work, the kids and I rewrote the 12 Days of Xmas... of which we performed for all the parents. Everyone had a part (the staff got to sing "5 Days Off" *heehee*). It was sooo cute, I had to share the lyrics...

12 smiling faces
11 arts and crafts
10 elves a dancing
9 children laughing
8 snowballs flying
7 barbie dolls
6 new CD's
5 days off
4 new red balls
3 computer games
2 candy canes
& A reindeer pulling Santa's sleigh

*whew* TG that's over! ;-)
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Family, food, fun, and (of course) bridge. :-)
A few BRUISES ), lots of DANCING ), and a little bit of DRAMA );-)
All around, a good time.

I can't seem to remember... something about people chasing me and then getting shot 6 times in the back... oh wait! that was the dream I had when I slept all day. right. My back still hurts.

Confusion, I don't know why I bother making plans, don't count on me to ever get my shit together, karaoke goodness.

Some more bridge, good conversation, a little weirdness, a lot of fun, band practice )
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now I'm a believer. Without a trace. A doubt in my mind. I'm a believer, I couldn't leave her if I tried.

They were playing this song at work today, and the kids *really* liked it... so, naturally, they kept repeating it over, and over, and over... Kill me.

Also, it's awesome that {{ALL}} of you guys think I'm badass enough to kill someone with a whip in my bedroom. *lol* Believe it or not, I'm waayy more of a masochist than a sadist. ;-P

So, I'm eating pizza AND french fries right now, cause I decided I needed to fatten up again... funny how I keep falling off the reverse-diet wagon.
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I'm having trouble finding the time to write in LJ... considering that I have to move, find a new job, pack, get ready for final projects/papers at school, work more hours,  & lose my fucking mind.

so, now you people will just have to deal with long posts containing a couple of days worth of stuff. Deal. ;-P

Thursday was Nation and a spectacularly FUN night!

Friday was my day off... so I cleaned-- Got the bird guts out of my car... but no beak was found... damn. & my apt. was clean for like an hour, but you know packing is messy. ick.

Saturday was partylicious--- Much thanks are in order...

  • [ profile] thelohrax and [ profile] t1tdave! Much fun at your house! Rockin' party!
  • To everyone who voted my costume "cutest"... still rather ironic, seeing how I hate that word. bitches. ;-P However, I probably should reevaluate the meaning, considering it was nothing like bunnies, babies, and pink.
  • To [ profile] theantichrist: yay for chocolate I won't die from! Glad you weren't trying to kill me! That was the *sweetest* thing ever! (there goes your image) >;-)
  • To [ profile] rackletang for bringing me free vinyl... twice! You're awesome babe!
  • & To [ profile] devolutionary and roomie for the extra couple of shots to push me over the edge to oblivion! *heehee* ;-)

Sunday was hangover lazyness, followed by Karaoke goodness. & I probably over-did it last week cause now I'm sick... soar throat, fever, and yucky. Blah! So, I skipped class today... can't seem to move... need to go vote though, somehow I'll figure out how to manage that

Oh crap! This just in:  more suckyness! News of my friend Donna just reached me... she had a stroke at 29! She's in a fucking coma... wtf's up with the universe right now?! I think my emotions are officially on hiatus at this point. fuck.

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strange weather up here.

bright and sunny--5 minutes of awesome thunderstorm--bright and sunny--5 minutes of awesome thunderstorm--bright and sunny--5 minutes of awesome thunderstorm

...very schizophrenic of Miss. Nature

So, I'm trying to catch up on my slacking today... um, I mean do stuff that I've been too busy slacking to do...

2 boxes mysteriously fell from my closet shelf... a MONTH ago, and I have failed to even move them from where they fell. They're full of junk I will probably never use... and probably would have forgotten all about if they didn't take a dump in the middle of my closet. But then again, how can I possibly get rid of my childhood sling-shot, skull candle holders, and coffin picture frame that my friend Big-Dave made me? I need to find places for these. However, I think I can get rid of the 2 thousand picture frames and candle holders...

ewwwww.... I just found Lox's old dreads... what the hell was I doing with those again? It was something to do with the reason he cut them off... which I can't remember either... think maybe it was a bet. Oh well, maybe I'll mail them back to him anonymously. *evil laugh* >:-)

Anyone need a cheap plastic wall clock, a TV antenna, an "Alaska" sweatshirt, or a cell phone from like 1990??? Prolly not.

Okay... well off to finish this... then get ready to Par_Tay. have fun LJ dwellerz.


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mischievous cell phone shenanigans

the yellow lighter that could

a really funny anecdote that I'm not going to steal from somebody... but it had to do with venereal disease and skull fucking... which is always good for a laugh.


drunken disorderliness and a lot of bad jokes... I know, just another day in the life of... but still.

leather I need + hot chicks = Ren Faire. don't miss a year ever again.

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But, it was sooo worth it. I had a most excellent time....

~It was nice to meet... er... I mean, see someone again. Glad he's not as revolting as he said he was. >;-)

~Dance with the sexiest women ever!

~See so many good peeps, all in the same place, in one night (which is especially good, cause now I won't be yelled at for not calling.) ;-P

~I managed to miss an earlier show... but later got flashed by a stranger... so maybe it evens out (?)

~I also got props on my singing from almost-complete-strangers... maybe it'll help me get a part in an upcomming possible-musical. (ha! I'm so lame)

~I'm also now apparently doing back-up/female vocals for like 3 people's bands... who knows how I'll find the time.

~& then someone special suggested I write a book. I think maybe that's a good idea... how will I ever organize for such a thing?

Much to think about.

I will sleep on it, for two hours... then get busy, and forget about all the details... then get back to ya... after I'm reminded ten times.



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