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& Everything's totally fucked up now.

My fine motor skills have gone to shit! I had shifted everything I do to the left... my middle finger in place of my pointer finger, ring in place of middle, and so on... typing, clicking my mouse [*snicker*], writing, etc. I got really efficient at it too... But now the brace is off, and I have this useless flange that I have to figure out what to do with. I can't even pick up a pen between my pointer and thumb.

It's *really* sensitive too, touching things with it is almost euphoric! Gives me shivers.

I had no choice but to not use it, because of the brace, but using it again is gonna take some work. I have to literally force myself to use it, especially because it's easier and faster to just continue using my shifted-grip. & It's hard to stay focused on it, I have to keep reminding myself.

Anyway, I'm using my little stress-ball to gain some strength and dexterity back. Anyone know any good fine-motor exercises I could use?
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Courtesy UU_Mom: Looks like one of the old apartments I grew up in, just burnt down.
(heh. It's funny that they called that crappy place a condominium.)

In other news: Kept down a bowl of rice and two whole dumplings today! Still feeling queasy... gonna go watch some Shanghai Noon, followed by Bring It On (if I'm not passed out).
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I have a fucking fever.

It just started an hour ago.

Between Zoe's Stomach-flu last weekend and TheLohrax's strep last night -- It's a total crap-shoot! whee!

Spin the wheel, there she goes, where she stops, nobody knows!

I suppose we'll know in about an hour, after I eat something.

I also seem to be delirious. Fucking kill me please.

To be continued...

[EDIT: Stomach flu for teh win! I blame YOU.]


Feb. 9th, 2006 05:32 pm
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I was getting ready to take Cheetahmaster, and his painful tooth, to the "emergency" dentist today... and then I broke my finger.

Nope. No story. I wasn't doing anything cool. I just broke the damn thing getting a Gatoraide out of the fridge at Walgreens.

I slammed it, got it caught, and then crushed it, simultaneously. I didn't even realize it was broken until it was still hurting *a lot*, and was black, blue and swollen after sitting an hour at the dentist. & it's the first finger on my right hand, too.

Soooooo lame!

In fact, it's so lame, that I think I need a story for cover-up... My adrenaline is pumping too hard right now, though.
Write one for me?

We're quite the pair at the moment, though, I might add. Completely useless. ;-P


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