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Meh. Didn't win. There were a couple of really good dramas that beat us... so, much deserved! :-)

(& secretly, i'm glad we didn't win... I soooo cannot afford to go to NY for the finals right now!)

We did get many a complement, and it seemed the best of the comedy's, anyway.
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Just got back from my competition...

& Holy hell did we rock! :-) We didn't miss a cue or line... we did great. The best of the three in our time-slot... and the best run we've had yet. Though we won't know our placing until Sunday afternoon, we did get a critique... though we didn't know this ahead of time.

After each curtain-call, the cast sat in the audience, and the judges came out to give an oral critique. We got great compliments for the pacing, acting, and feel of the play... really, the only negative feedback we got was that it was a bit stagnant, & that was acknowledged to be mostly the writing... but the director was criticized a bit for it too (I actually felt really bad for him, because he was really the only one with a bad critique).

Anyway, we'll see what happens tomorrow! Details TBA


Sep. 23rd, 2005 02:40 pm
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Two hours 'til I leave... and my tummy's doing jumping jacks! There is nothing to be afraid of, and I hate irrational fear. Hate! I wish to ban it from my life! I'll kick it's ass, I will! Grrrr....


...or maybe I'll just have a cocktail...


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