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She's been very good to me today.

Paul was working today, so I had to wake up with Zoe this morning... and I was out late last night. She knows, when she wakes up before us, that she's not supposed to leave the bedroom until we're awake. Today, she was being nice to me, and decided not to wake me up. So, instead, she climbed into bed with me and curled up in a ball putting her nose up to mine, trying sooo hard to be quiet and let me sleep.... but her little body couldn't contain her excitement, and she's started shaking with anticipation. It, of course, woke me up... but it was soo sweet of her to try so hard... In fact, she was trying so hard that when I opened my eyes she let out a squeal of relief. hee!

And while I'm talking about Zoe....

This past weekend, we all went to my Grandmother's house for the 4th of July. One evening we put the little girls in the back room to watch a movie and color, so that the adults could watch Munich. Cecily had brought these soft crayons, kind of like pastels, for them to color with, so they were having a grand time. We would go back and check on them, every 10 minutes or so. About halfway through the movie, I go back to find THIS )

When I asked her why, she said: "Because I wanted a tattoo!"

*sigh* I missed the rest of the movie to dole out the bath-sentence-of-doom! ;-)

More pictures of the weekend, coming soon. :-)
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So. Back in the day, when I used to hang in Waldorf, MD (and this is precisely how you can tell it'll be a dumb story), my friends and I became infamous, accidentally. Actually, I came into the group while it was on the verge of infamy, so I really didn't have much to do with it... but that's not the point. Lox (better, and more infamously, known as Warlock) was really the culprit... mostly attributed to when he bounced for Tracks, and the fact that he's just one of those people who makes friends everywhere- he's got large amounts of charisma. Oh. And, it might have helped that he's one of the hugest black guys you've ever seen, and used to be accompanied by ass-long purple and green dreads (which now happen to be sitting in a box in my closet, but that's another story)... regardless, he's not the kind of guy you forget. Combine him with a large, 6' 6" (and just as broad), bald, white guy covered in tattoo's (Dave) - A computer nerd, "Big Chris" (the smallest of the three) - a couple of semi-popular DJ's (Mike and John) -  A tall, skinny Korean punk who somehow had the "luxury" of dating all the strippers in town... and then knocking them up (Will) -  and a short, but broad, half-Philippine body builder (Mark), and place them all in the middle of the small town of Waldorf... well, I suppose you've got a recipe for something.
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No, they don't usually go together, but I was covered in both today... and, believe it or not, it was a good day.

Today's project with the kids was "Bubble Tubes"...colored tubes with glitter, confetti, and water in them in which an air bubble glubs to the top stirring everything up... I'm sure you've seen them in stores at times... they serve no purpose but to aid in daydreaming and possibly to fascinate a doser for a few hours. So, for sure, it was everything a kid could want.

To make these, we bought clear tubing from the hardware store, food coloring, glitter, confetti, and "Gorilla Glue." I'm sure your imagination is already two steps ahead of me at this point... and probably two steps ahead of what I envisioned this project to be like when I invented it... but let me go on.

So I've got 30 out of the 75 kids crowding me to do this project, and we get started. Well, it would've been nice if I had planned this out more... but I still had to cut the long coil of tube down to smaller pieces and glue on one end... but no time for preparation, gotta do it as the children approach to avoid the annoying noises children make when they have to be patient. So I'm frantically cutting tubes, gluing on one end and passing it off child by child. They go down the line filling their tubes with water, food coloring, and glittery goodness; around the table and back to me, where I cap it off and put it in the bucket to dry. This goes well for a while.. and I am laughing my ass off as each child, clean and perfect at the front of the line, shows up at the other end disheveled, sparkling head to toe, and grinning wildly at their masterpiece.

I'm wearing gloves, so I don't get the glue on my hands... but plastic gloves and glue don't play well together... so halfway through the project I have my own masterpiece going in the middle of the table, consisting of discarded latex, glue, ever-spreading glitter, pieces of plastic tubing, paintbrush bristles, and some of my hair. I was quite impressed with it actually, and was thinking about some way to take it home, when the next child approached and decided to give me a big messy hug....

When you're holing an exacto knife and a child comes rushing towards you, your first impulse is to move the knife as far away from them as possible... when there are children on all sides of you, apparently the first impulse is to point the knife towards yourself. & he gave me the most loving, heartfelt hug while simultaneously pushing into my arm... that was incidentally holding the blade... that slipped ever so sleekly into my side.

Not wanting to cause a ruckus, and trying to disguise my pain... I smile at him and grab the first thing I can find to hold over my wound... my pile-o-gluey latex. I clutch myself like I have to pee, and tell the children to wait til I get back to continue. I run off to the bathroom. And let me just say that it's impossible enough to clean glitter off of anything... no less a seeping wound. & I have glitter all over myself. & I don't want to lift my shirt and explore the damage until I get the glitter off of my hands. So, I'm standing over the sink, frantically scrubbing my hands, and laughing hysterically as I feel the blood running down my side. (for those of you who don't know me very well, this is not strange. I laugh when I'm in pain, always have, don't ask me why.)

So, I finally get most of the glitter off and I lift my shirt... looks bad, but it always does when you've been bleeding unattended for 10 minutes (or so it seemed). So now I have to clean up the blood to really assess the damage. This is harder than is seems when all you have available is the school-issue piece-of-shit brown paper towels with the absorbancy of cardboard and texture of sandpaper. But I manage anyway... and really it wasn't so bad... so I first-aid it. I'm doing okay... a little light-headed and throbby... but okay. However, I had been standing there long enough for the blood to have soaked my shirt on one side... and that was nothing compared to the sink and the floor. So I go to work cleaning the blood-glitter and by the time I'm done, I'm covered in it.

My co-worker walks in at this point. Handles it surprisingly well, considering that I must've looked like I just came from a fairy's slaughterhouse. & we devise a plan for me to sneak by the children undetected and get out to my car to go home. She got my stuff, drove my car around to the front of the building and I managed to leave without anyone seeing me. Now getting through my apartment building undetected was a completely different story... but I guess I looked like I wasn't in the mood for conversation, so people just kinda did a double-take and allowed me on my way. & thus a long shower and some relaxation followed... and ultimately passing on my story to you fine folks.

& as Halloween is approaching, I encourage you to pass it on to your children... and your children's children... and so on and so forth. So that years from now, your ancestors children can look in the mirror, say my name 3 times, scare the begeezus out of each other, and hope the bloody-maia won't come for her revenge.

.....okay, now I know I've lost too many capillaries.. nevermind... carry on...


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