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So. Back in the day, when I used to hang in Waldorf, MD (and this is precisely how you can tell it'll be a dumb story), my friends and I became infamous, accidentally. Actually, I came into the group while it was on the verge of infamy, so I really didn't have much to do with it... but that's not the point. Lox (better, and more infamously, known as Warlock) was really the culprit... mostly attributed to when he bounced for Tracks, and the fact that he's just one of those people who makes friends everywhere- he's got large amounts of charisma. Oh. And, it might have helped that he's one of the hugest black guys you've ever seen, and used to be accompanied by ass-long purple and green dreads (which now happen to be sitting in a box in my closet, but that's another story)... regardless, he's not the kind of guy you forget. Combine him with a large, 6' 6" (and just as broad), bald, white guy covered in tattoo's (Dave) - A computer nerd, "Big Chris" (the smallest of the three) - a couple of semi-popular DJ's (Mike and John) -  A tall, skinny Korean punk who somehow had the "luxury" of dating all the strippers in town... and then knocking them up (Will) -  and a short, but broad, half-Philippine body builder (Mark), and place them all in the middle of the small town of Waldorf... well, I suppose you've got a recipe for something.
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